Stones & Bones

Victorian society conceived the notion of cemeteries as parks for the living and cities for the dead. A comparison could be drawn between this concept and Savannah; in this historic city, built by so many who have long since passed on, the living continue to thrive and there is something of a tradition of building over the dead. This tour begins with an introduction to the city's oldest surviving cemetery, Colonial Park, and to the downtown burial sites that predate it. The tour then continues to that famous Savannah place of "good fortune" - Bonaventure Cemetery. As we cruise along the oak-lined paths swathed in Spanish moss you will observe stately mausoleums and hauntingly life-like funerary sculpture while learning the histories of the inhabitants of this hallowed ground. Serious cemetery aficionados may arrange for an extended tour that includes a visit to historic Laurel Grove Cemetery as well. Available as a driving tour only.

"All lovely things will have an ending,

All lovely things will fade and die;

And youth, that's now so bravely spending,

Will beg a penny by and by."

Conrad Aiken, American Writer and Poet Laureate